ME-OM: Yoga with Adoptable Cats

by claudia

Want the secret to improving almost anything? Just add pets. By following that advice, we're improving upon a practice dating back thousands of years: yoga with adoptable cats and kittens. And they weren’t just any cats. View photos from our inaugural ME-OM: Yoga with Adoptable Cats hereThis is part of a series of yoga classes that provide an environment for our adoptable cats and kittens to socialize outside of their condos and a chance to show potential adopters their personality!

Sign up for a class at our NKLA Pet Adoption Center today! ​Bring your Cat Stretch (Marjariasana) and a $20 donation.

If you fall in love with any cats joining you in yoga, your $20 donation is applicable towards their adoption fee! 

Mats are provided or bring your own.
Special thanks to ZICO hydrating our human yogis!

Class Schedule:


Need to zen with cats now? Enjoy this fun video from our friends at Buzzfeed! 


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