What exactly do foster families do?
Foster families provide food, water, shelter, exercise and, of course, lots of love. Depending on the individual animal’s needs, foster parents may also be asked to administer more specific duties.

How will fostering impact my own pets?
You know your pet best. They may be your best assistant in helping socialize an animal or model good behaviors.

Do I qualify for taking in a foster animal?
If you have a heart for animals, you probably qualify! It is easier if you’ve had pets before, but, again, most places will help you get started if you need it.


Be prepared
Gather all existing information about the pet you are fostering so you can have a better idea of what to expect.

Talk to your vet if you already have a pet
Talk to your vet about recommended quarantine periods for new foster pets, to keep your own pets safe!

Know your environment
Make sure you know neighborhood and city rules about owning a pet and make sure you are able to comply accordingly.

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Please note that you may hear back from more than one animal rescue organization based on your selection preferences.