save a pet's life by choosing to adopt instead of buy.
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Adopt a Pet. Save a life.


Find your next pet at the NKLA Pet
Adoption Center in West LA

Dogs or Cats

Search for adoptable pets from NKLA Coalition partners in the L.A. area!


Adoption FAQs

Shelter animals aren't broken, they've just been dealt a tough hand. Your willingness to bring one home gives them the new lease on life they deserve.

Where can I adopt my new pet?

You can search online for dogs or cats of any age and breed who are available for adoption in L.A. city animal shelters and rescue groups near you.

Visit the NKLA Pet Adoption Center in West Los Angeles (1845 Pontius Ave, 90025) featuring over 100 dogs and cats of all kinds from featured NKLA Coalition partners. Learn more and view adoptable pets.

What if my new pet isn’t spayed or neutered?

You’ll want to get it done as soon as possible. Information about low-cost spay/neuter services in your area is available by visiting our spay/neuter resource page.

Will my new pet get along with the pet I already have?

We encourage introducing your new pet to the pet or pets who are already part of your family.

New Parent Tips

Animal-proof your home

Prep your home much in the same way you would child-proof for a toddler.Wires, remotes, shoes, plants & easy-to-swallow items pose serious threats to your pet.

Take the lead

If your new pet isn't trained to walk on a leash, it's a good idea to get a chest harness or a slip collar.

Make your yard safe 

Do a walk around your yard. Is your yard completely fenced in?

New Dog-Parent Tips

New Cat-Parent Tips