72 pounds

Blaine is a bit of a jock but he hopes you won't pigeonhole him! He is also 80 lbs of sweetness and affection. The energetic side of Blaine will be on full display if you take him hiking or give him what he desires most...balls! He's a talented athlete who enjoys playing tennis, basketball, soccer, or rolling around the jolly ball with you. A game of fetch with Blaine will brighten both of your days! (The way he rolls the ball back to you when he is ready for a toss will melt your heart). This handsome boy is a gentleman in the home, so you will get to see his softer side as well. Blaine is described as well-behaved and obedient by his foster family, which he hopes to show you in person! He is calm and polite when meeting new people and happy to lounge once he is tuckered out. If you are looking for a dog MVP, Blaine could be be the one!