Pretty Patience

DOB: 3/31/2004

Pretty Patience is even lovelier than her photos suggest. Her very short coat is that rich, grey color that cat fanciers sometimes call blue, mixed with patches of soft peach. Add her expressive green eyes and Patience is quite striking. Some might call her a dilute Calico, but we just say she’s Shabby Chic.
Patience was rescued as an uber busy mother catwith 6 kittens. (We still call her “Mama-Mama” and she responds to that nickname.) Jumpy at first, she would flinch and squint when touched, but soon realized that hands can also be gentle. These days, Patience asks to be petted and enjoys back rubs. And head rubs. And side rubs. And upside down tummy rubs. Patience will climb onto your chair, plant two paws on your lap, and invite you to love her up. She can’t resist begging for Cheese-its and potato chips, but we limit her munchies.
Patience is calm, affectionate and enjoys the company of other kitties, too. Why not arrange to meet her? She could fill your home with companionship and a quiet devotion. Patience would love the chance.
For more information, please email this kitty's foster mom.

ID: 125036
Declawed: No
Domestic Short Hair
Rescue Group:
3519 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles
(818) 347-3037