Poodle (Toy)
Rescue Group:
LIFE Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 1431
Agoura Hills
(818) 707-2007


Meet Hoho!  She is a 3 year old Toy Poodle that was rescued from a meat farm in South Korea.  We have partners we work with there that pull these dogs from the worst horrors imaginable before they are set to be on someone's dinner plate.  Many of these dogs start off in horrific puppy mill type facilities on tiny rabbit cage size wire crates in complete filth.  If they are not sold at 6 or 8 weeks then they either stay for a couple years to be used to breed more and then are sold off to the meat trade, or they are sold off right away.  South Korea is one of the only countries that actually farms dogs for their meat.  Little dogs are used for elixirs and potions.  Hoho and several of her friends have been flown here for a chance at a future and a real life.  These are miracle dogs that they are alive today.  Our adoption fee is $400 which helps offset some of the flight costs.  If you are interested in adopting, please go to our website and fill out an online application form.