DOB: 3/29/07Tyson and his brother Holyfield were surrendered (a nice way of saying "dumped") to Kitten Rescue in the summer of 2007 by someone who had found them but after a while decided she didn't want to keep them any more. Tyson can be a little shy at first before he learns to trust new people. He is not what I would call an "immediate gratification" cat. He is, though, a really sweet guy and once he is comfortable with you he is all purrs and cuddles. Tyson is quite playful and loves to chase after a laser pointer or any sort of feather toy. He also likes wrestling with other kitties, particularly his brother Holyfield. When it's quiet time, he can invariably be found cuddled up with his brother or any other cat (or kitten) who will let him.Tyson is a petite, beautiful panther-like guy with a soft, shiny black coat and soulful eyes. He's a great cat, and if you are willing to be patient with him, he'll make a wonderful addition to your home.If you are interested in learning more about Tyson or in adopting him, please click here to email his foster dad.

ID: 432128
Declawed: No
Domestic Short Hair
Rescue Group:
3519 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles
(818) 347-3037