DOB: 3/29/07
Tyson was one of three boys abandoned at a pet store in the summer of 2007. At the time, they were a few months old and fairly feral. Tyson is the only one to have tamed down enough where he actually enjoys human interaction. He can be a touch shy at first before he learns to trust new people, but once he does he's all purrs and head butts. Brushing him makes him the happiest cat on earth.
He is extremely cat friendly and has grown up in a house with dogs - he doesn't really interact with them but doesn't fear them either.
As he's aged, he's become much more chatty. I suppose it could be senility? He'll just out of nowhere start talking to himself, usually late in the evening or in the morning when it's relatively quiet.
If you are interested in learning more about Tyson or in adopting him, please click here to email his foster dad.

ID: 432128
Declawed: No
Domestic Short Hair
Rescue Group:
3519 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles
(818) 347-3037