DOB: April 1, 2004

Hermione, who also responds to the name Baby, is a playful and happy female. You can tell when she€™s happy, because she fluffs up and her little tail quivers.

Hermione is small for a full grown cat, weighing around 7lbs (she looks smaller). She may be small but she's feisty. Her foster mom jokes that Hermione€™s motto is €œI kick ass and take names€ because Hermione usually is the one doing the chasing in games of tag. Hermione also enjoys chasing laser pen lights and fishing pole toys.

Hermione is very bright. Recently, she accidentally got outside (Hermione has always been an indoor cat), but was smart enough to come to her foster mom when she called for her.

At night, Hermione loves to cuddle with her foster mom, sleeping on or around her legs. She is not a lap cat, like her half-brother, Jett (J277), but she does like to lie you. And, sometimes, instead of being petted or combed, she prefers kisses on her head.

Hermione is very attached to Jett and the pair must be adopted together.

If you are interested in adopting Hermione and Jett, please email their foster mom.

ID: 124939
Domestic Short Hair
Rescue Group:
3519 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles
(818) 347-3037